What is your background briefly?

I studied economics at Kyungnam University and accounting at graduate school of business administration, Ajou University. I have various experience in strategic planning, corporate planning, and intellectual property managing for about fifteen years for high-tech startups as well as New Optics, a LG Display’s affiliates. I also had experienced about Nano-technology transfer from a government’s financial supported institute during the joint development with company. My most recent achievement has reached 52 Million USD for four years as Boston subway platform display project and created twenty patents with their engineers during the project, in these efforts, I awarded golden medal from Korean Intellectual Property Office in 2014.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

Now I am working as a head of business development for OpenchainK, a famous blockchain leading company in Korea. OpenchainK provides the following services; ICO marketing, token sale, organizing meetup event, and valuation. For last two months, I participated in marketing for Korean ICO project, as its result, the customer could reach three million USD within just one hour in first date of pre-sale. Now I am involving for consulting another Korean ICO project from its planning and closing. I was an advisor for two foreign ICO projects, ICOmax as well as PokerSports on April and March, 2018. Sometimes, I enjoy delivering advice to ICO projects, especially about their whitepaper that will be very important for any investor to be criteria whether investor can put their money in ICO project.

Why did you get involved with this ICO?

I contacted CSO, Stan Milc and co-Founder, Greg Limon one month ago and at that time I got a chance to be an advisor from them, I have no time for looking at their business deeply. Their project is going away from me and I forgot it. But like a fiancé to man, the project doesn’t leave me. Stan told me if I am interested in the project still, I can be an advisor now. After that, I had to study their business and team I convinced their project is valuable to study and work for me. Their token is security token. I couldn’t see a security token from any Korean ICO project because Korean government has not made regulations and laws for it. And the reason why I want to participate in ICOmax, their platform will be useful to be compliant with SEC for any startup token under their platform. I hope to see how big the platform is powerful in global in near future.

How can people find out more about the ICO?

Please see their information;

Web site: http://icomax.io/

Video for introducing the platform:


How can people find out more about your work?

Please visit my Linkedin, if you are interested in me;


If you want to discuss what I am doing or what you required, please send me a private message by Linkedin mail.

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