What To Know About The Vinaya Platform?

Have you ever thought of paying for your education in cryptocurrency? Or what if you can study a wide variety of courses like food safety, TEFL, business, and many other certified programs that you can get online, or if you prefer in class and still pay all this in cryptocurrencies.

How about getting certified in the field of cryptocurrencies, that is blockchain engineering, ICO marketing, cryptocurrency management, or just other programs that are similar to this field. And still be able to pay all this through the blockchain technology.

Well, Vinaya will do this and much more for you, as their primary focus is bringing cryptocurrencies to our education. Read on to find out how all this can work for you.

How Vinaya Blockchain Education Crypto Coin Works

Vinaya has focused its resources on ensuring they bring the blockchain technology to our education. So by the organization being a registered training platform, this is through the ICO, then Vinaya will go ahead and acquire the necessary certification programs. These programs are what will help in allowing you to become a certified professional in the program you have been longing to learn, and all this is made possible by paying in Vinaya.

The company has established a Vinaya token; it is an asset that has been created on the WAVES platform. And the good news about this token is that it can be easily exchanged for any other token that is on the DEX. The world is indeed changing faster and faster each day, but our education system seems to be lagging a little behind, thus the need for a change.

This is where Vinaya has come into play, as education is not being left behind anymore, the institution is going to bring the crypto market to education.

Vinaya Token ICO Details

The Vinaya token has been designed as a Waves based asset, a token that will have many uses for its users. It is from opening a Vinaya registered training organization; it will allow the students and teachers in pursuing further learning. This will be through the various academies and even higher learning institutions they are to put in place.

It will also allow the creation of cryptocurrency majors and even courses for the teachers; it will be used as a tipping or even a rewarding token for the teacher collaboration. The ability to purchase featured adds that will be on the Vinaya job board. It is clear this token has gone far, and beyond the traditional coins we have been accustomed to in the market.

If you are interested in purchasing the token, you can do so from the Waves DEX; it has been made that simple for you. They are rolling out their ICO in 3 stages starting May 1st and ending Feb 28, 2019.

Vinaya Conclusion

It is true the education system tends to be left behind when a new development hits the market, taking such institutions several years to ensure the new concept has been incorporated. At times by the time it is integrated it is absolute as a new idea has just hit the market yet again. But Vinaya is ensuring this will not happen this time around as they have ensured they are bringing the promising cryptocurrencies to our education system.

It is a great initiative that will go places, so if you want to be a part of this new evolution taking place in the education sector then get yourself the Vinaya tokens.