AFFILICHAIN is a new ICO marketing tracking solution developed by tokentarget, and aims to support the blockchain industry as mainstream marketing avenues narrow down.


Mainstream media bans have plagued the blockchain sector lately. With even more coming into effect from Google on June 1, 2018, many ICOs have been left despairing. However, there is a ray of hope in the shape of tokentarget’s affiliate marketing solution which implements alternative yet highly lucrative channels.

Enter AFFILICHAIN, a highly effective new solution from tokentarget which boasts an ICO marketing tracking solution.  Indeed, tokentarget are no strangers to marketing bans on major industries such as forex and finance. The AFFILICHAIN team in fact also launched the first and largest forex affiliate network in the world, so they are very familiar with high-performance, trackable marketing. Now they bring this experience to AFFILICHAIN, to create the best global affiliate network for the blockchain industry.

Tokentarget aims to steer the blockchain sector down an exciting path which promises traffic, leads and revenue. It’s true that performance-based marketing has been in the digital space for around 20 years, but now with the technology offered by tokentarget, it has taken on a new lease of life.

A recent survey revealed that 81% of online brands use affiliate marketing as a key part of their online marketing strategy. In fact, they are spending up to 10% of their marketing budget on affiliate marketing. With other sectors leveraging affiliate marketing and blockchain gaining in credibility, it’s a good time to introduce the technology’s proponents to affiliate marketing as well.

By using AFFILICHAIN, advertisers can take advantage of performance-based marketing, paying only for results that are generated by affiliates through the network. AFFILICHAIN will allow advertisers to create offers that are based on lead/revenue generation, thus ensuring the best value proposition for both advertisers and affiliates.

“Our goal with AFFILICHAIN is not only to introduce blockchain projects to affiliate marketing, but also to introduce affiliates to the blockchain sector, and our unique revenue share model is a great way to do this. The unique tracking system that tokentarget has developed opens the door to a lot of great opportunities for affiliate marketing, and we look forward to establishing the standard for affiliate marketing in the blockchain industry,” said Chief Business Development Officer of tokentarget, James Weaver.

AFFILICHAIN’s launch comes at a time when the blockchain sector is at a crossroads. As mainstream channels crack down on blockchain, having a marketing channel that is resilient to such events is essential for any projects looking to launch within the sector. AFFILICHAIN features offers from blockchain projects across all major verticals, including ICOs, wallets, brokers, exchanges, eCommerce, education, events, and payment service providers.

AFFILICHAIN’s powerful and transparent solutions and marketing tools built to bring a key marketing channel to the blockchain sector. This ultimately allows projects to market in the same way that major digital companies have been doing for years. To learn more visit