Runs collaborates with Ittisa for its global ICO marketing mandateRuns, a Singapore-based startup, has partnered with Ittisa Digital Media for marketing its platform globally. The immediate task for Ittisa is marketing the Runs ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Ittisa Digital Media will be managing end-to-end operations for the ICO launch right from whitepaper design, website design, ICO listing management, investor community management, PR management, bounty campaign management and beyond.

After the ICO, the mandate will then shift to building customer community and promotion of Runs platform globally across 25 countries.

Giri Devanur, CEO of Runs, said, “I have been seeing Ittisa’s work for some time now. They do a great job in design thinking, brand storytelling, UI/UX and are highly effective in their messaging & advertising. For Runs, we were looking for a partner who could understand our business and complement us in our aggressive growth strategy. Going by their track record, Ittisa was an easy choice to work with us in our global roll out plans.”

Sneh Sharma, founder and CEO of Ittisa Digital Media, added, “Embracing new technologies and building on it has always been in the DNA of our organisation. Blockchain today is an exciting space with a lot of innovation happening around the world. Runs is pioneering the next generation of blockchain based e-commerce and we are happy to be a part of this growing phenomenon.”

Kushmakar Sharma, head of marketing strategy at Ittisa, said, “The idea for us at Ittisa is to keep exploring, keep innovating and keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Building capabilities to market blockchain based businesses is a natural progression for us that ways.”